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Thread: Endurance Racing Survey

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    The Divisional Licensing Chairman is a single point of contact. So, yes, his complaint is a local issue, exacerbated by his lack of effort to find out anything about the process. If you're already disposed to think the SCCA is difficult, you'll continue to do so no matter what the reality is.

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    I think that's exactly his point - you're talking about "procedures" and "divisional licensing chairmen" and the "SEDiv website" and he's talking about a single point of contact, and a easy to understand process on their website. That doesn't sound like a local problem to me.

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    Thanks for clarifying the insurance part. The slow poke guy seemed pretty confident about the insurance thing and I didn't feel like looking into it further.

    Oh and to clarify. I as a competitor that does not plan or BUDGET to replace a guard rail, fix the grass, pay for speedy dry, or pay for that ambulance ride... I care a lot about the insurance part of it. My street car even has insurance in case I hit something and I live in a state that doesn't require it. Peace of mind I guess if something unplanned does happen. This is one of the only reasons I stick to SCCA rather than others.




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