The Fidelity Power Systems Pro IT Series has announced that the SCCA Super Touring Under (STU) class will be one of its recognized classes in 2017. STU will now be eligible for all event and season awards. This action complements the previous addition of the Super Touring Light (STL) class to the series.

The Series, as with the IT category in general, has been losing its lower end participants. There have been no ITC entries for four years and the ITA and ITB entries have dropped significantly. This appears to be the trend rather than a blip. STU and STL are compatible with the IT philosophy and will race well with our current competition.

Complete information on the Pro IT series can be found at www.ProITSeries.com .

In 2017, the series will have seven races on six weekends, once a month from May to October.


Round 1 - 14 May - PittRace - with 65th Cumberland US Majors
Round 2 - 4 June - NJMP Lightning - with Lightning Challenge Regional / NE Divisional Championship
Round 3 - 8-9 July - Watkins Glen - with July Sprints Regional / NE Divisional Championship
Round 4 - 5-6 August - New Hampshire with NERRC Regional (double points)
Round 5 - 9-10 September - Palmer - with the Pig Roast Regional / NERRC
Rounds 6 & 7 - 7-8 October - NJMP Thunderbolt with Trans-Am / F Atl / F2000 / F1600 (double race)

If you are an STU driver, please consider joining us for exciting racing at major tracks in the Northeast Division. Professional Feel, Amateur Fun!