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Thread: Seeking Experiences from 3rd Generation Camaro/Firebird Racers in ITR

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    Default Seeking Experiences from 3rd Generation Camaro/Firebird Racers in ITR

    I am seeking experiences and advice from racers who are running 3rd Generation Camaro and Firebird in the ITR class. My main questions are:

    1. Are these cars competitive?
    2. What are your major wear items? Brakes? Wheel bearings?
    3. What are the limitations of this car in this class?
    4. Is your car near minimum weight?

    Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!

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    More to the point, IS anyone running the 3rd (or 4th for that matter) gen Camaro in ITR?
    Earl R.

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    The brakes are too small for IT. They run AS or chump ,where there is plenty of brake. Our next Chump power is the L98 with T5.
    Mike W. Ogren ,, 352.4288.983 ,

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    The car was classified using the wrong base power and a max torque adder so it is listed heavy... I will attempt to dig up details if you're motivated to get it fixed. should take about 100 lbs off IIRC. The base number was 10hp off, so maybe a few more. I'm rusty. 50 more pounds if we make a good case for a lower torque adder... ughh don't get me started on THAT.
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