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Thread: Moving to Bay Area

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    Question Moving to Bay Area

    Good chance I'll be moving to the Bay Area by Summer. How active are the SCCA IT in northern California? Also I've heard of NASA is very active.

    Efrain N Alers
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    Efrain, ever since the Spec Miata became the car of choice in SCCA, it decimated the ITB and ITC classes here in SFR. You can run a SM in 4 out of 7 run groups we have. Group 1 as an ITX (Dual Entry IT Car), Group 3 as EP, Group 5 as ITA, and Group 7 as SM.
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    Question Moved to Ca

    Ok guys I'm already a California resident currently living in Dublin. Any racers(or LeMons) in the area? When and where is the next event? Wanto to know any active road courses in the area beside Sonoma, T-Hill or Laguna Seca.
    Efrain N Alers
    ITB Corolla GTS (aka AE86)  5665

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    I think I just replied to you on Facebook! Check out for the latest schedule. We have one double regional left on October 23-25 and it's likely to be light on entries. IT runs in Group 5 which has anywhere between 30-50 cars in it from a multitude of classes.

    I do Lemons too but I much prefer the professionalism running with SCCA. That said, "racing" with 150 other cars on the track at Sonoma is a unique experience. Especially when it's freezing and raining.

    Buttonwillow is about as far from the south Bay Area as Thunderhill so from Dublin, add another 30 minutes. If you're towing south to Laguna Seca, avoid the potholes on the right lanes of 680. They'll shake your racecar apart on the trailer, don't ask how I know.



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