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    1975 Corolla SR5.jpg
    I'm new to the forum but I thought I would pass this along.

    I just aquired this 1975 corolla SR5. It's a car very similar to one I had when I was 16. Has SCCA and NASA log books. it needs some TLC but is race ready. Looks to be a fun car but not terribly fast.

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    Where are you located? Steve Colletti at Colletti Motorsports raced several of these in ITC and knows those cars backwards and forwards. In their time they were consistent NARRC/NERRC podium cars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wreckerboy View Post
    Where are you located? Steve Colletti at Colletti Motorsports raced several of these in ITC and knows those cars backwards and forwards. In their time they were consistent NARRC/NERRC podium cars.
    I'm located just south of Atlanta, Ga. From what I understand, this car has been a racer sense the early 80's. It came out of central and south Florida. When it was built, it was done with all top level parts. Today it needs some attention to detail to make it a really cool vintage car but could be a school car with just a new set of tires.

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    Nice looking car. More pictures please.

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    congrats on the new car!

    I would suggest looking through the major items of the rule book, like cage design, and making sure the car meets those updated requirements. given its age there's a possibility it will need a 2nd door bar on one or both sides and possibly a full-width "belt bar" in the main hoop. if you have to get that done, be super type A about looking over the cage and other structure and look for rot, incomplete or otherwise ugly welds etc... and get them fixed BEFORE you show up at the track.

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    My suggestion would be to find a local SCCA tech guy and ask him to come check out the safety stuff............ having a second set of eyes, especially if you don't have a high level of experience with cages, etc isn't a bad thing.
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    Pretty cool!

    How far back do the logbooks go? It would be a nice bonus if it were vintage eligible...


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    Nice! Good luck with it.
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    Thanks to everyone for all the great advise. The good news is this car was last raced with the SCCA at Roebling Road in January of 2013. It was inspected at that time and has the SCCA inspectors signature. The early log books were lost so I am missing that part of it's history but the build is definitely older with a few safety updates over the years. I've added a couple of extra pictures. You can tell it came out of south Florida.Camera 098.jpgCamera 089.jpg

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    Wow. Another 75 Corolla! What's next, Spec Corolla? All kidding aside, I've been racing a 75 Corolla for the last few years myself. And as luck would have it, I belong to the Western Ohio Region with Steve Colletti. Steve has been a big help setting up the car. So, if you have any questions about the car, PM me or email me at and I'll be happy to tell you what I know. I also have quite a few spares. Great looking car. Good luck!
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    Any of you still have the Toys?? I need a 6.7, 4:30 rear gear and maybe a cam or two. 2TC.
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    Bring it out to the Mitty.
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    Any sources for old Toy parts? 2TC , trans and body parts? TIA,MM
    Mike W. Ogren ,, 352.4288.983 ,



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