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    I am racing a 4spd VW and I am looking for a 3.48 final drive for the 1.7 gearbox. The VWs never had the 3.48 final drive but the Omni's did. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
    Thanks Chuck Mathis

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    Post on Vortex, and I can copy you into our little race group. if that is OK with you?
    Send me a EM per sig and I'll foreward . At least one guy uses the 4spd and Dodge stuff for roundy cars.
    Mike W. Ogren ,, 352.4288.983 ,

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    I just got my login for Vortex going again so I will post there. I heard about the 3.48 from some circle trackers but I don't anything about what is available from Dodge for the 4spd.
    Thanks Chuck Mathis



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