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Thread: Acid Dipping a Car

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    Not planning on doing that right now, but after spending an hour under my car putting in new hard fuel line I notice it is really nasty and not in that good a shape. The Jensen could be stripped completely bare of all running gear in about 5-6 hours with two people on the job - no kidding. Simplicity of a 30+ year old car and all that.

    So, after racing it this year and if I like it I might treat it to a bath and new $200 paint job. But, who acid dips cars in the Southeast? How long does it take? How much does it cost? How does one move a car around that has been stripped of all running gear, moving dollys?


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    Carolina Chem-Strip of NC
    333 MacArthur Lane, PO Box 4267
    Burlington, NC 27215
    (336) 584-5613

    I talked with these folks when we were starting Pablo II but I got discouraged by the $1000 tab to git 'er done. In hindsight, it would have been a huge time saver and would have been cost efficient, even at $5 an hour for the time spent whizzing goo.

    Most of these places use an alkali rather than an acid, typically heated. Dollys would work great.

    I'm actually going to look at media blasting as an option on the next one.


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    If the car is already caged... I'd suggest Media blasting it. All that nasty goo gets into the cage courtesy of those nice 3/16" holes and tends to weep out onto nice fresh paint at inopportune times (like that long sweeper or hard right hander )

    I dream of the day when a car will come in all nice and dipped and ready to dive right in to the cage
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    Think twice before you acid dip. Carolina chem-strip is the only place I know of and they are north of 1500 for the car and all the panels now. I strip them with a citrus stripper first and then go with a media blaster. After acid you have to be very careful to get it neutralized or it will bubble the paint and rust the seams. All the rust preventer is now gone from in the weld seams. Soda blasting is the best if you can find someone local. I take them the car on the rotisserie so it is easy to work on and they use less time. Saves money when they charge by the hour.
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    Thanks for the info and advice fellows. I grew up in Burlington and was down there today, next time I'll visit with those guys. Don't need a rust prone car rusting some more.

    I wouldn't think doing something like this on other cars, but the JH is so easily stripped that it is laughable. I definitely won't mess with this for 2007, but might at the end of 2007.




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